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We propose the use of the internet to listen, understand and manage. Thanks to the continual gathering of information, we believe in the necessity of strategically regulating daily communication. Maximally harnessing the potential of the network and its evolution, we create personalised solutions which respond to your needs and objectives. We offer consulting services which analyse the web as a space in which to interact with the community of users, supporters and clients.


We believe that working according to the evidence-based model means developing a scientific approach within the development of social policies and within communication campaigns.

Combining the data which emerges from qualitative research (focus groups) as well as quantitative (surveys), and from continually monitoring the web, we develop solutions based on evidence with the aim of reaching a determined electoral/ cultural / commercial goal.


- Social research and analysis, developed according to qualitative and quantitative methods (desk and in-field work):

- We organize and conduct focus groups, we write and analyse surveys

- Positioning of your brand online: We monitor the web in order to study and confront the situation of the markets in which our clients are competing, developing strategic management using different 2.0 tools.

- Web-marketing services, support to e-commerce activities: We adapt main solutions of web-marketing to individual demands. We offer consultancy services to define communication and commercial strategies to be realised via internet.

- Management Group and planning of formative activities: We offer training to companies and non-profit organisations in order to allow our clients to gain new skills so as to be in the position to proactively  and independently manage their own communication needs

- Logistic support and mediation for international organisations working in Italy: We offer logistical support and cultural acclimatisation, translation and assistance for communication campaigns, marketing activities, and social research developed by international companies and groups in Italy.