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Time period:
January – May 2011

Description: We coordinated the Pisapia Abroad committee, activating Milanese residents living abroad from February 2011, in preparation for their probable return to Italy in order to be able to participate to the potential second ballot vote on May 29/30. We succeeded in involving over 3,000 people, our video received over 19,000 hits, and the campaign itself received extensive coverage on traditional media, all factors which greatly contributed to the victory of Giuliano Pisapia. Please find details of the campaign in the report below.

The campaign on Facebook: [link]

The Video: Filmed by the mayoral candidate Giuliano Pisapia himself, upon our invitation, and put together with the collaboration of activists in different European cities. [Watch the video on Youtube]

Report of the campaign "I’m going back to Milano to vote for Pisapia"  

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