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Italian national elections, Europe constituency 2013 PDF Print E-mail

Period: December - February 2013

Description: Andrea Pisauro was the youngest candidate of the foreign constituency in the 2013 Italian elections. For this campaign Con-Senso offered a research consultancy to the candidate, working on the definition of messages, the coordination of volunteers and providing organisational support for the realisation of events in London, Paris and Berlin. Furthermore, we developed and managed a promotional campaign using social media. Having extensive knowledge on the living situations and social characteristics of the young generations of Italians living abroad, allowed Con-Senso to offer support to the candidate in all phases of the electoral campaign. Andrea Pisauro received 1025 'individual preferences' (the electoral law currently in vigor, the famous 'porcellum', foresees the possibility to select two preferences for the foreign constituency).

Website: [see link]

Facebook campaign: [see profile]

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